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Registration is Now Open For Active Reverse Engineers

Root Admin

Registration is Now Open for Active Reverse Engineers

Sorry but at this time we are allowing only reversers with very well-known nicknames that they have been consistently using for many years at other boards, to be a part of our community. 

In view of security considerations we are unable to let in individuals with very new nicknames and/or with very little online history at other reversing boards.

We are also very particular that we only want to let in active members. No leechers please 🙂

So please provide links to any five good contributions that you’ve made within the past 2 months at any other reputed reversing boards.

We will not respond to invite requests which do not contain this information.

A few very important things to note:
  • We ask that no content from the forum be leaked out. This is an absolute rule and would result in an immediate ban. This includes any content that you discovered here first.
  •  Several (more interesting) sections of the forum will not be immediately accessible upon registration till the member has several posts to their credit and also has garnered a good number of likes.This is in the interest of security, to ensure that only genuine users have access to the more private content.
  •  No sharing of your account with anyone else (including your friends) please. Kindly direct them to contact me to create their own account, if they are reversers.
  •  Use of a VPS to access the forum is not allowed and is liable to get your account locked. Use of a VPN is fine, as long as it is from a reputable one.
  • Please pay particular attention to the Security Answers that you would be asked to set at the time of registration. They are case-sensitive. Do not set answers that you are likely to forget. Note that we are not able to see your answers and they would be hashed at client side before being uploaded to the server. We will not unlock accounts if you forget the answers. Compromised accounts will remain locked.
  • Your Private Messages are also encrypted with your password as the salt. Please ensure that you do not re-use your passwords.
  • Absolutely no promotion of any other forums/boards here in any form. This includes through the use of the forum name as the password, file name, or in the posts.
  • Please, do not try to lure away members to your own "home forums", by contacting the TIRA members either inside or outside the TIRA forum

We will show you the same respect that you show us. 🙂

Contact Details:


E-mail us at: team-ira [at] protonmail [dot] com


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