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Your Expected Behaviour and Attitude
This is a family community and we expect all members to conduct themselves accordingly, in a polite and friendly manner, this means no swearing and bad language. We will not tolerate
flaming or disrespect to other members including religious, political and racial abuse. We will not tolerate obnoxious or obscene material posted anywhere on this site. Typing with
caps lock enabled or using large and overly colourful fonts is considered as shouting and no one wants to talk with people who shout loudly at them.
You can discretely report content to moderators that you believe is not appropriate.
Administrators and moderators will deal with unruly members so you do not need to to be drawn in to any confrontation.
As you become an established member in the community it is expected you will remain patient and understanding of other members, in particular members new to reverse
code engineering. There is no gain or benefit talking down, belittling or being insulting in your replies. Behaviours like this deter members from asking questions or being involved in
open discussions. This leads to a toxic environment we wish not to see, encourage or promote in this community.


How to Best Post For Help?

If you need help with a particular problem it is always best to start off researching.
Search through the community using the Search Form or looking for a tutorial or paper using the main sites Search Engine. There is over a decade of information stored within this site so
it is possible the question to your problem may have been directly or indirectly asked and answered before.
If you fail to find the answer the next best option is to use Google or another quality search engine like DuckDuckGo.

When making a topic or post please do so in the appropriate forum or topic. Use good spelling and grammar, be clear describing the problem and try to provide as much
detailed information as you possibly can. Doing so presents your question and problem clearly and legibly for other members to follow and give you the best possible answer.

Try answering these questions whilst creating your topic or post:

  •   What is the problem?
  •   What are you trying to do?
  •   What have you done to try and resolve the problem?
  •   What tools have you been using?
  •   What is your operating system?
  •   Have you already done any research and if so where have you searched?
  •   Have you got any images or screen captures you can include in your post?


The following content is strictly forbidden, and such content will be deleted and the user could be banned without warning:
 •Pornographic posts / Under Legal Age Nudity
 •Illegal drugs and drug contraband posts
 •Weapon related posts
 •Scam / Fraudulent posts
 •Carding Websites and related posts
 •Hacking Forums
 •Phishing Websites
 •DDoS Scripts
 •Brute Force attacks
 •Packet Flood Scripts
 •SIP Scanners
 •IP Spoofing Attacks
 •Botnet Controllers
 •Virus / Trojan / Malware Distribution
 •Terrorist Websites / Terrorist related content
 •Content related to non ethical treatment of animals (animal abuse, etc)
 •Political, religious, propaganda and other similar topics
 •Posting Credit Card details, PayPal Accounts, or Bank Account information


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