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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement
We take your privacy seriously. We do not; collect, disclose, sell, transmit or divulge your private details, data and content to any individual or third party. Neither do we purposely track, gather or log your actions to identify or monitor you. We do not send spam or illicit mail nor pass on your details to a third party to do so on our behalf.

We make scheduled daily and historical backups and carry out routine server logging.Information we gather about you that may be retained in these backups are:

Personal information - this is provided by you during sign up and is information we store about your gender, country of origin and a private security question that may reveal historical information about you. You opt to provide contact and other information by adding or amending information in your account profile. Information you share within the forums or private messaging will be included.

First-party cookies - we use these to remember information about you to; keep you signed in and to help personalise your visits to this forum by remembering your preferences, settings and progress.

IP address and device information - is retained and might be used to confirm your location. You can access your Recently Used Devices information from your personal account settings
to monitor when your account has been logged in and where that login occurred from. You will be able to sign out devices shown in this list.

Deleting Accounts
We will refuse to delete accounts if requested. Previous requests have been largely due to members wanting to delete their bad reputable history and start a fresh new clean account.
If asked we can suspend your account if you no longer wish to use it. However your topics and posts will remain for the lifetime of the site. If this is something you would like to proceed with please contact an Administrator. Please think very carefully before you decide to create an account with our community. Think even more carefully before you post and how you will be perceived in future years.


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