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Our Statement towards other Sister RCE Communities

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Root Admin

As a policy decision, we do not normally allow discussions regarding politics from other RCE forums, at TIRA. This is mainly so that we can focus on RCE rather than on Scene Drama.

However, as some of us are already aware, attacks are being launched against a few well-known and well established communities by certain rogue groups. These forums include the Exetools community, the Tuts4You community, the BlackStorm community, the b4a community, and a few others. I had been (and I still am) a staff member of some of the forums and it greatly distresses me when such a thing takes place.

This is a very sad situation for all of us and in the end will not benefit any of us. I am sure that all the members at TIRA also abhor such behavior from the rogue groups. TIRA will not have any ties with anyone indulging in such deeds. Had such a deed been committed by anyone from TIRA, I would have taken stringent action against the offender.

I would like to make an official statement here that we do not condone such behavior and also express the deepest sympathies towards the affected communities.

If anyone has any information regarding the person(s) responsible and/or needs support from TIRA, they can contact me directly by either email or reach me through any of our existing members at TIRA. They can put you in touch with me directly or give you my contact details.


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