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Ghidra Extension to integrate BinDiff for function matching

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Ghidra extension that uses BinDiff on your Ghidra project to find matching functions and rename them automatically (BinDiff 6 supported). Check out the BinDiff manualto see how it works and how it matches functions / basic blocks. However, with this extension, BinDiff is automated from within Ghidra, so you don't have to diff your binaries yourself.

What it does / Changelog


  • BinDiff the binary opened in Ghidra with another binary from the same Ghidra project, show results and import function names
  • Open a BinDiff file, created with BinDiff 6, from two .BinExport files and import the matching function names in Ghidra


  • Fix a bug where the file to import to needed to be checked out.
  • Increase size of project file selection dialog

Next releases

  • Import function names and function parameters (type and name)
  • Compare the binary opened in Ghidra with an external .BinExport (from IDA for example)
  • Communication with the BinDiff 6 GUI to show graphs for the different functions



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