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Stolen Versions of IDA Pro 7.4

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As you all know, the IDA Pro versions are all watermarked and every customer gets an unique copy, This is especially true for the HexRays Decompilers.

These are the HASH values for the IDA Pro 7.4 Executables and Decompilers stolen by @Ethereal.

As of now, the executables have not been released in any online boards. So since I am able to provide the hash values well in advance of possible "release" by him (using that same nick or some other proxy nick) it is proof that I am already in possession of them and that what I am claiming is true.

SHA1:   44d58af98a173703da32b3c47431a0a92ab0264c
SHA256: f08e5f23a37d969e540a8864dc53f2893cc1973a51af698c0b02828a9251e81d
MD4: 31e9ef6d0d19dd429204cb07aedba496
MD5: e886a128ad67724d2a4febd4b32e87d7
SHA384: fc839d725b55299b512848f013e98aaf71cde008e52168cc6d4a524ffd7a3921132841395ae383cf73f2bc02d7693ae1
SHA512: 46c729e6673c47c0fd778c7a58be5871a3fd71c49590e968f1fd0ec9bbd0b85a1c1a93ea438be073b23c65392190932b4f27ef69496793171d003d886d3fd5f6

SHA1:   ae900365930c0a4ab1345dbe34f854089ee9bc41
SHA256: d7d0bffa9bd5981ae247900954c21be4f00ba721838e2cc7447d1e5ceb82fbba
MD5: 84c20b01c010d3d0b397bf853eea03a0
MD4: 17450d743b27673115d17524278aa812
SHA384: 3de5036e60a82264f7968d631072aec303d53f7afe003486d681c28e525ec915a55d3d192ec802133294f9a3aa5fdd85
SHA512: 62b2dfce6d36093dd16641ad37f2b768ae28aae2bc9fb5911892c794ca2dd81ef4a47b54d2cf197b90bc0a96ac02006f8ec30afab7cf937dc563a83106fdbc21  

SHA1:   5533da2bade75572cbe223589fe7ced253fc9fa2
SHA256: c8890bcc7e8f342b065519abd13de597f362073d3ce36644b82bbaf383bd389f
SHA512: 348cf2b099fad80336bcbfc6b34bb91ed30f8e465017e71f2131340e25aee6e180f5786a0e3996b727127252bdac48d3ec681773751489b68a87ac131c9617c4
SHA384: 0f8bf60015e6258d3a9f86133222128340e0e4e260cb1b20028c8ebce0655ceadcdc6c453c31866708b81e6e6d02ea75

SHA1:   db73d8e7a79e9c3e383fd86b62afec0e844e36c8
SHA256: 20b03027b7db7e4fdf8d918c37f351346e063a2186cd6320fb400fb925fd5fd7 MD5: 5e85ed20a8e11e665b1a886e0795817b
MD4: b373c3764290dcec15d84c74ea63cca8
SHA384: 95d9d4f1923586bc67bbeddd9b8c9606c663513fd56a6d17b5911270e49cac4a2940f9c051b97c3b93c3485154f538f6
SHA512: 60828e6b552ef845a7c6ba9957b592c0dcb69388e10e34b50d7e82ee3388159659402ede53791767360c8fe8febda5fbc799bc346324164a98604a62e0988383

@Ethereal (twitter @Ethereal_x0r) is now well known to be a thief who steals from various companies that he works for as well as from the private sections of online boards after gaining access to their VIP sections and then shares them in other boards, in exchange for VIP permissions in the other boards.

The IDA Pro 7.4 along with the decompilers was slated for public release in August 2020. We had already made public announcements regarding this at the time of the IDA Pro 7.3 release two weeks ago.

We certainly have it. 🙂


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