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Alleged "Trojans" in our IDA Pro and Other Releases

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Root Admin

There is no need for us to incorporate any "trojans" or any malware in our releases. We only watermark our releases to discourage sellers from re-branding our releases and selling them for monetary gain. In some cases, we may also pack our releases with encryption-based protectors.

These days, every serious reverser "protects" their work (keygen, patches, etc) by using packers to make them difficult to reverse. The main purpose here being that they want to avoid their work recompiled by unethical people with loose morals to be sold under a different moniker. Every keygen and crack released these days by other groups/reversers is packed with protectors before release, and we are no different. We just want to protect our intellectual property just like anyone else.

To avoid performance hits, in most cases, we just try to watermark our releases (rather than pack them with VM-based protectors) so that in the event that our work is re-branded and released elsewhere (or worse yet, sold for monetary gains) we can prove that it belongs to us.

In other words, we are not the only reversers or the only group who protect our releases through the use of packers.

Online Groups, Forums and Boards who were once famous for their 0-days and exclusive releases in the past, tend to be understandably very upset with the fact that they are now losing their place to us. This is true especially for our IDA Pro releases. Boards which used to be well known for their IDA Pro releases in the past are now visibly upset at our fame, judging from the hate-posts that they allow in their forums, alleging that we are including "trojans" in our IDA releases.

We are not forcing anyone to use our releases. If you do not trust our releases, please do not use them.  If you do want to use our releases, please have the courtesy to use them without spreading rumors about trojans in our work without any proof whatsoever.

Note to the staff of the "other forums": If you want to regain the past glory please make good releases of your own and also treat all your members equally and with respect. Encouraging your members to make hate-posts about us just because you do not like that fact that we are making high-profile releases and overtaking you is just not the way to go about it.

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