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Attempts to defame us by candidates whose requests to join TIRA were rejected

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Root Admin

A lot of people contact us on a daily basis to request for an invite code to join our community. When we find that they satisfy the conditions that have been clearly posted on the home page, we let them in. We do not let in people whose nicknames are too new (very little online history in other reputable reversing forums) for security reasons. We have also clearly mentioned that we only let in reverse engineers who continue to be active consistently and have made at least a few good posts in other reputable forums within the past few months. In other words, we do not take in reversers who have been consistently inactive for the past several months.

When their requests to join us are declined, most candidates are quite understanding.

Unfortunately not everyone takes the refusal in their stride and instead, try to discredit and defame us in as many ways as possible, mostly by attempting to spread unfounded rumors and the like.

It has come to my attention that a person who goes by the moniker "b30wulf" on other online forums has been attempting to spread rumors about our releases and possibly rake up a war between us and the other online reversing communities.

This person "b30wulf" attempted to join our community around 2 weeks ago by contacting me for an invite code. When I pointed out that he did not make any good posts on any other online forums for at least the past 1-2 years (and more, in fact) and so declined membership, he was extremely upset, and specifically stated (without any provocation on my part) that he already had an IDA Pro and that he did not need it from us (I never mentioned IDA to him)!

Now I understand that he (b30wulf) is commenting in other forums that our methods of watermark removal are incorrect and that he would share his purchased copy of the IDA Pro on a regular basis in an attempt to start a conflict between us and certain other reversing communities.

IMO he is just trying to rake up a conflict, disgruntled due the fact that he was not allowed into this community. If he decides to make a public release of his latest IDA Pro copy it is not our problem.

Similarly, if our method for watermark removal is wrong then it is our account that would get banned, not his. It is not appropriate for him to try to drag us into the picture by claiming that our methods are wrong, just because he was denied entry into our forum.

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