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Phi Anh

Happy Z-Day

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Phi Anh


Today is supposed to be your daughter’s birthday, But something happened in this town. Almost everyone has turn into a Monster.

You need to protect your daughter and her birthday party!


Happy Z-Day brings you a Tower-Defense like, Top-Down Shooting gameplay.

Game World

The Game take place in a House or a Farm with a barn, or even on the roof. Depends on the levels.


The enemies you need to fight is those who got infected by the virus and turn into Zombies.

Each type of Zombies has different behaviors.

Some type of Zombies will get raged when it’s night.


The Goal is to survive specific number of nights, then your daughter can finally celebrate her birthday.

If you die, or your daughter’s birthday party got destroyed, you will Lose!

Download Happy Z-Day Full | Google Drive single link - 418.0MB:

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If my link is dead, please send a message to me and I will fix it as soon as possible!

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