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Phi Anh

PetAdmin Plus v9.3.0

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Phi Anh



  • unlimited database records - as many customers, pets, bookings as you can handle
  • international - uses your PC settings to display currency, dates and times
  • sales taxes - define your local and national sales taxes
  • availability - instant visual check makes it fast and simple
  • check in / check out - view on screen or print a report
  • peak periods - create rates for standard, low season and peak periods
  • services - set up services that you provide and charge for
  • networkable - PCs on a network can share the same database
  • print - invoices, confirmations, account statements plus many more reports
  • email - directly via your provider or through your local email program
  • format - email or export in Pdf, Html, Rtf and other formats
  • editor - create your own letters/reports with an inbuilt editor or using MS Word
  • Postcode lookup - buy credits for either online lookup or for a data CD
  • Runs - use drag and drop to move pets between runs for different dates
  • Vaccines - define vaccines and durations - warnings when expiring
  • Discounts - handle discounts for multiple pets sharing
  • Medication and feeding - report by day or by pet
  • Audit trail - history of booking and payments including changes and deletions
  • Backup - easy to use backup and restore of your petadmin database
  • Colours/skins - change how the screens look
  • Search - find data quickly with the single search box in each screen
  • Rates - charge by category, breed, run size, animal type or weight

Download PetAdmin Plus v9.3.0 + Keygen | Veryfiles.com (fast link) - 65.4MB:

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