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Phi Anh

Metes and Bounds Pro 5.8.3

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Phi Anh

Metes and Bounds Pro

Metes and Bounds Pro – Easy to use data entry form: Enter lines, curves, azimuths and section calls. Data can be entered using the convenient Data Entry Form or freehand using word processor style entry.

Calls can also be easily drawn using the call drawing tool. The Metes and Bounds closing error analyzer tool can look for common entry or survey errors and offer suggestions on how to correct them.

• Customizable Toolbar
• Layers
• Perform calculations
• Auto-Completion of drawing
• Multiple measurement types
• Merge Layer
• Easy to use measuring tool
• Automatic labeling
• Create custom labels
• Background Pictures
• Custom X,Y points

Download Metes and Bounds Pro 5.8.3 + Keymaker-CORE | Veryfiles.com (fast link) - 36.0MB:

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