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Regarding Posting Content "Stolen" from Other Forums and Posters

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I've recently learnt that certain users banned from this forum were making comments in other boards that I am just getting content from other online forums and boards and posting them here without the permission of the OPs.

I would like to make a statement regarding this:

I have never, ever re-posted or shared any content from other forums or from individuals who treat me as a friend, without prior and explicit permission. NEVER, EVER in the past and I do not plan to do so in the future as well. I want to stress this point that if someone TRUSTS me and considers me as a friend and shares something with me, I NEVER share it outside without taking their permission first. Same for forums where I am treated with a basic amount of respect: I NEVER share anything out of that forum without permission of the OPs and/or the staff, as applicable.

It is ONLY in the case of forums and/or users who do not respect us and/or cheat us in some way and/or insult us with their lies, and/or ban me or other users without any reason that I see no reason to respect THEIR rules, and so re-post their content freely on this forum.

I am making this statement so that everyone would be clear that I NEVER share anything (at TIRA or elsewhere) if someone TRUSTS me and shares the content with me. I can safely challenge that anyone would not be able to provide even a SINGLE example where I betrayed a person who TRUSTED me and gave something.

As I said, it is only from ENEMY forums and people that I do not care to take any permissions and freely re-post the content at TIRA.

I request the @Root Admin to kindly consider posting this in the main announcement section, since I believe that this will clear the confusion that I re-post the content from other forums here without caring for their rules.

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Root Admin

I would like to additionally add that if the owner wants to have any of their specific content removed from the forum,  I comply without any reservations. This is also true for the other forums that I own. The email contact details to get in touch with me are on our forum homepage.

So I do not see any reason for anyone to have complaints that their "work" is being shared here.

Moving this thread to the main announcement section.

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